Power Perpetuals

Deposit Margin

Step 1: Visit the official website of the Deri protocol: https://deri.io. Click ‘Powers’ to enter the Power Perpetuals section.

Step 2: Select a chain you want to trade on. Take 'Arbitrum' as the example. Click on the small arrow pointing downwards, choose “Arbitrum”, then you can start trading on Arbitrum now.

Step 3: Select the trading symbol. Click on the small arrow pointing upwards, which will open the market window. Take 'mBTC^2' as the example.

Step 4: Then click “Deposit” to transfer USDC from wallet to Deri Protocol to add margin.

Step 5: The account deposit window appears. Firstly, choose the base token you’d like to transfer to the Deri Protocol and use as margin, we’re taking USDC as the example. Secondly, enter the amount of USDC you’d like to transfer from your wallet (alternatively you can directly select the percentage by your total USDC amount in your wallet). Once you have decided on an amount, click” Deposit”.

Step 6: Confirm your request on the wallet by clicking “Confirm” in order to have the funds transferred to Deri Protocol. Your deposit is successfully transferred once the hint prompts you. On the Account Info panel, you can see your added margin.

You successfully add Margin to Deri Protocol.

Once you add Margin to your account, you're ready to open your first position

Open a position

Step 1: Now we’re ready to open a mBTC^2 position. Move to the “Buy” section, set the notional amount in BTC you’d like to buy (alternatively you can directly enter the notional amount in USD, it will be converted to BTCs equivalent). Instead of the manual input or the given percentage buttons, there is also a slider to adjust the desired amount. Click “Buy/Long”. In this tutorial we'll open a Long (Buy position)

Step 2: A transaction confirmation window appears which sums up all the transaction details. Once convinced, hit the “Buy/Long” button. Confirm your wallet request to open your position. The hint means you have successfully opened your position. The information about your open position(s) that you have opened is displayed on your “Positions” tab.

You can open multiple positions in the same pool, but note that the margin requirement is calculated at the account level . Read more in the Margin Requirementarticle

Close a position

You can close your position completely or partially.

Completely close your position

Step 1: If you seek to close a specific position, you can click “Close” in the position tab ,which results in a complete close of your position. Once you hit the close button, you need once again to “Confirm” the closure request on your wallet. The hint means you have successfully closed your position.

Step 2: You can view your detailed trading history in the “History” section.

Partially close your position

You can also partially close a position.

Step 1: To do this, you simply need to partially trade your position in the opposite direction. If you opened your position using the "Buy" tab for example, switch to the "Sell" tab to short it partially. Make sure that the Close Only button is ticked. Use the slider & the predefined percentage buttons to choose the amount percentage you wish to close. Hit the button below to partially close your position.

Step 2: Once you hit the button, you need once again to “Confirm” the closure request on your wallet. The hint means you have successfully partially closed your position. Your position info will be updated on your “Positions” tab.

A partial close lowers your margin usage and increases your available margin

Add & Withdraw Margin

On account level (per pool), it is possible to add additional or withdraw available margin.

Why should a trader add additional Margin?

  • If position(s) of the same pool are in danger of being liquidated as it could fall below the margin requirement, it may be wise to add additional margin to prevent liquidation.

  • Trader seeks to increase his buy power i.e to open additional positions

There is also the possibility to remove available margin at the account level (by pool), but this has the direct consequence that trader's position(s) are closer to falling below the margin requirement, which would result in liquidation. Be cautious!

Should you have positions in several symbols of one trading pool, a total margin requirement would be calculated for all of your positions of the same pool. Please note accordingly, forced liquidations are executed on the account level too. In that case, you would lose all of your margin balance, i.e. your margin balance would become 0. For more details refer to our Liquidation or Trading FAQ

Some Deri Protocol pools support a mixed margin feature that allows an existing position backed by a certain base token to be extended using an additional, different supported base token of the same pool, to increase the margin available.

Add Margin

The process of 'Add Margin' is the same as the one of 'Deposit Margin'.

Withdraw Margin

Step 1: To withdraw available margin, click "Withdraw".

Step 2: Decide which base token you wish to withdraw, choose a quantity (The withdrawl amout can not exceed avaliable balance) and hit 'Withdraw' button.

Step 3: Confirm your request on the wallet to have the funds transferred from Deri Protocol to your wallet. Your withdraw is successfully transferred once the hint occurs. Your balance will be updated in Accout Info panel.

Backup RPC URLs

Deri Protocol is a group of smart contracts deployed on the blockchain, where the exchange of risk exposures takes place completely on-chain. The RPC is quite important from a trader's perspective because it allows you to query data and submit transactions on the blockchain on which Deri Protocol operates.

There may be times when the RPC URL is not as responsive as it should be. At these times, you may notice data being slow to load or not loading on Deri Protocol's trading page.

To continue using Deri Protocol during these times, we recommend you change the RPC URL in the network settings of your wallet. The page should load faster after changing the PRC URL.

For a list of RPC URLs and their statuses: https://chainlist.org/

Is trading on Deri Protocol risk-free?

Trading Margins & Contracts on Deri Protocol includes but is not limited to - a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all kinds of investors. The enormous degree of leverage can work in favor of you as well as against you. Before making the decision to invest using Deri Protocol, you should carefully consider your level of experience, investment objectives and risk appetite. There is a possibility that you may lose part of your investment or all of your initial investment. You should be aware of all the risks associated with trading contracts and margin. Deri Protocol will not be responsible for any losses, damages or claims arising from events falling within the scope of the events mentioned above.

We urgently advise you not to invest money that you cannot afford to lose and we also recommend you to seek advice from an independent financial adviser, If you have any questions or doubts!

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