Deri Improvement Proposal (DIP)

DIP Contributing

Deri Improvement Proposal (DIP) is a standard for introducing features or information to Deri Protocol. The DIP should provide besides a simple summary, motivation; a concise technical specification of the attribute and a rationale for the feature.

As Deri Protocol is a community-centered project, the innovation and success of the protocol depend on the community's input.

DIP Contributing

When you believe your final AIP draft is mature enough and ready to propose to the community. Visit DIP Submission Form, fill it out in detail and submit. Afterward, your DIP is added to the governance discord where it can be discussed for inclusion in a future protocol upgrade. If a small part of the community agrees to include it, it gets the status "Proposed". Your proposal will now be reviewed On-Chain by the entire community through the Governance Platform and given a majority vote, it will be upgraded to the status "Approved"

At this stage, your proposal will be forwarded to the developers within the community, who will be responsible for the execution of your theoretical proposal and its implementation.

Check out the DIPs here:

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