Gamma Swap


To get started visit:

Step 1: Click ‘Trade’ at the upper menu of Deri’s official website to enter the trade section.

Step 2: In Pro version, click on the small arrow pointing upwards, which will open the market window. Choose ‘Gamma’, there are 3 kinds of symbols in this derivative. Here we choose ETH-Gamma as an example.

Margin Deposit:

Step 1: Deposit your funds from the wallet to your account, get prepared for trading. Click ‘Deposit’.

Step 2: Choose a base token as the deposit currency, here I choose USDC. Then, enter in the token amount you want to deposit.(Note that your deposit amount cannot exceed your wallet balance.) You can also choose to deposit 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100% of your wallet balance. Click “ Deposit”.

Step 3: After confirming on the wallet, the hint “ Deposit USDC Margin-Execuetd” means the deposit is successful.

Step 4: You can now see your deposits in the “Account Info” panel.

You successfully added Margin to Deri Protocol.

Once you added Margin to your account, you're ready to open your first position

Open a position:

Step 1: It comes to the trade panel. Choose “Buy” or “ Sell” (If you think the market will go up, choose “Buy”, otherwise, choose “Sell”). Then,enter the trading volume. Instead of the manual input or the given percentage buttons, there is also a slider to adjust the amount. Click “Buy/Long”

Step 2: A transaction confirmation window appears which sums up all the transaction details. Once convinced, hit the “Buy/Long” button. Confirm your wallet request to open your position. Then, the hint ‘Place Long Order-Filled’ means that you have opened the position successfully.

Step 3: Information of your open position(s) will be included in your “Positions” tab.

You can open multiple positions in the same pool, but note that the margin requirement is calculated at the account level . Read more in theMargin Requirement article

Close a Position:

You can close your position completely or partially.

Completely close your position: Step 1: If you seek to completely close a specific position, you can click “Close” in the position tab ,which results in a complete close of your position. Once you hit the close button, you need once again to “Confirm” the closure request on your wallet. The hint ‘Place Short Order-Filled’ means you have successfully closed your position.

Step 2: You can view your detailed trading history in the “History” section.

Partially close your position:

You can also partially close a position.

Step 1: To do this, you simply need to partially trade your position in the opposite direction. If you opened your position using the "Buy" tab for example, switch to the "Sell" tab to short it partially.

Step 2: Make sure that the Close Only button is ticked (2). Use the slider & the predefined percentage buttons (1) to choose the amount percentage you wish to close. Hit the button below to partially close your position.

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