Ideas to build

Deri Protocol is very versatile and committed to being a key block of the DeFi world, so we encourage developers to build their own products based on Deri Protocol.

Here are some ideas to get started. If you would like to claim one of the ideas below or if you have an even better one, please contact us by telegram/discord. We can work out a plan to help you build it.

DERI for Dummies

Builds an extremely simplified trading interface based on Deri protocol. Ideally, the interface should only have buy/long and sell/short buttons, and users can place orders with just simple clicks. The interface should be easy to understand and operate for those not quite financially savvy.

Stats Dashboard

Provides a stats dashboard similar to, but with more data of interest to the community, such as daily protocol revenue, daily and accumulative net pnl of traders, open interest of different symbols, the daily number of new traders and lp. daily transaction num, etc.

Limit Order

Currently, all transactions on are market orders based on the AMM mechanism, and users can not submit limit orders for the time being. You can use a third-party protocol such as Chainlink.keeper, Gelato or any other smart contract automation services to help implement limit order function for all users.

Position Builder

Similar to Deribit position builder, users can create their own portfolios from Deri’s futures, options and powers, and easily get the portfolio's PnL curve, and the net delta and gamma.

Liquidation Board

Liquidation is open to anyone in DERI, but running a liquidation bot requires professional computer engineering knowledge, which prevents many people in the community from participating. A public liquidation board provides an open space to list all accounts at risk of liquidation. When an account reaches the liquidation line, anyone can click the liquidation button to help the system liquidate and get a liquidation reward.

Impermanent Loss Hedger

The property of constant gamma of powers makes it perfect for hedging out impermanent losses together with futures. You can build a tool where the users input how much BTC or ETH amm liquidity they’d like to hedge, then the tool can automatically output the exact amount of futures to short and powers to long as needed. It should also display the payout curve of the hedged portfolio.

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